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About My Story

Growing up with a Greek background I have always had a passion for Greek food and hospitality. 
Now I can share a little piece of Greece with everyone in the form of loukoumades. 

Alexandra Karamitsios.

Meli [μέλι] is the Greek word for honey, did you know Greece offers some of the best honeys in the world? It has been a delicacy to Greeks since ancient times.⁣

We use authentic greek honey on the loukoumades 

In Greece, loukoumades are considered the oldest recorded dessert and can be traced back to the first Olympic Games of 776 B.C., where loukoumades covered in honey were served to the winners as “honey tokens.” Our bee logo was inspired by an ancient bee stamp that dates back to 1600 B.C. when bees were considered sacred and divine. Apollo (the Greek god) was raised by bees and fed on a diet of honey.